On July 6, Blizzard announced the first new Diablo class in almost a decade, confirming that a vampire-themed Blood Knight class will be coming to mobile spin-off Diablo Immortal on July 13. This is the first new class introduced in the franchise since 2014, when the Crusader was added in Diablo III’s first expansion: Reaper of Souls.

Released just last year, Diablo Immortal isn’t a favorite among Diablo players and hardcore gamers in general. In particular, many have called out the mobile game’s annoying and predatory loot boxes and microtransactions. However, millions of players continue to log in every day to play the surprisingly fun action-RPG. I still play Diablo Immortal from time to time, mostly ignoring the bullshit while enjoying the brainless monster killing that has always been a staple of the long-running franchise. And now, Diablo Immortal is getting a new, never-before-seen class: the Blood Knight.

Diablo Immortal

During a livestream on Thursday, Blizzard revealed the first details of the upcoming Blood Knight, which it describes as a “mid-range class” that uses either melee or ranged attacks “depending on your proximity” to enemies.

“This vanquisher of vampires feeds on enemies’ life, entraps them in deadly shadows summoned with cursed strength, and relies on their trusty polearm to maintain distance from danger,” explained Blizzard on its official website. “And if all else fails, they may just succumb to the unholy abomination within themselves that’s vying for control of their humanity.”

What is a Blood Knight?

In the lore of Diablo, Vampires bite humans and turn them into dangerous, mindless thralls. However, Blood Knights are people who were bitten by vampires, but who avoid that fate by utilizing a magical artifact that keeps them connected to their humanity. Even so, all Blood Knights will eventually become thralls. Before that happens, they work together to track down and kill vampires and to offer others who have been bitten a choice: Join the Blood Knights or die. As you’d expect, they can utilize their vampiric powers to help them in combat.

Blizzard says that on July 13 Diablo Immortal players will have three ways to play as the new class. Option 1: They can create a new character and select “Blood Knight” as their class. Option 2: Players can use Diablo Immortal’s class change feature to transfer their character to the new class. Blizzard will be temporarily removing the cooldown on class changes so everyone has a chance to become a vampire knight, if they so choose.

Finally, players can test out the new class via a limited time event: the Crimson Plane. During the event, everyone can play as a Blood Knight and will be able to earn Blood Knight cosmetics and other items by completing it.

Over on Blizzard’s official website you can read more about the Blood Knight, including details on all of its skills, attacks, legendary items, and more. There’s even a short story you can read that ties into the lore around the new class and the world of Diablo.

Will the Blood Knight be added to Diablo IV?

Of course, the question most players have is probably something along the lines of “Okay, cool, but will this new class (or other classes) get added to Diablo IV?” Maybe.

Before today, when Blizzard announced all the details about the Blood Knight coming to Diablo Immortal, players had already found references to the class inside Diablo IV. It’s possible these were just teasing the new class coming to the mobile spin-off, but perhaps Blizzard was hinting at something more. It’s possible the studio, which has committed to supporting Diablo IV for years to come, will eventually bring the vampire-themed warrior to the new game.

Until then, you’ll need to play Diablo Immortal starting on July 12 to check out the franchise’s first new class in nearly 10 years.

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