A Starfield player on Reddit noticed recently that the temperate, agreeable planet Schrodinger III is “made of XP,” something the sci-fi role playing game’s players are increasingly stumbling upon on their own. The planet—and the entire Schrodinger system it belongs to—is heavy with resources, making it a great place to construct a cozy outpost and just start killing.

In u/Canatee’s Reddit post, which has over 6,000 upvotes as of writing, they demonstrate standing on top of their ship, peering through the scope of their big gun, and blowing holes through no less than 10 creatures in under a minute. As they do this, swiveling on their heels to find more blissful, grazing creatures to funnel multiple bullets into, they accrue thousands of XP, leveling up and gaining a skill point.

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“If you don’t land on the planet then the exp is both there and not there at the same time,” a popular comment remarks.

“Ah, genocide,” observes another commenter with 2,000 upvotes and a more moral philosophical take on things. “My favorite pastime activity.”

Based on his own Starfield expeditions, Kotaku writer Zack Zwiezen notes how planets like Schrodinger III, teeming with alien farming opportunities, show the limits of Bethesda’s procedurally generated environments. It leads to extensive death.

“Every planet I landed on (that had alien creatures) was covered in corpses,” Zwiezen writes. “I watched numerous times, across many different planets, as herds of weak herbivores were destroyed by one or two large space predators on a rampage. […] And because the peaceful herbivores don’t attack unless provoked, it often meant they’d get wiped out in seconds before any of them could fight back. Even when they did fight back, they couldn’t compete with the predators.”

Procedural generation means this cycle gets repeated infinitely, all across Starfield’s galaxies. It’s a sad thought for the nonviolent, grass-munching aliens, who are snared by the same spiderwebs that make them. But it’s all right for you, you little XP predator.

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