Watch PS Plus Bring The Failed Saints Row Reboot Back To Life

Want to see a magic trick? All you need is an open-world video game that flopped at launch and a popular subscription service with millions of gamers. And presto, you can bring a “dead” game like Saints Row (2022) back to life and make it one of the most played games on PlayStation.

Personally, I enjoyed the Saints Row reboot. However, I understand that I’m in the minority of players who felt that way, and most folks, including critics and longtime fans, found the 2022 open-world crime sim to be an empty shell devoid of the personality and charm found in the previous, much-beloved entries. The game, which launched with numerous bugs and issues, reportedly missed internal sales goals. Volition, the studio behind the seriest, was shut down earlier this year following the game’s release and some bad financial news from its parent company, Embracer. And yet, according to new data, Saints Row (2022) was the fourth most-played game on PlayStation in September thanks to a PS Plus giveaway.

Over on Twitter (or X or whatever) Mat Piscatella, executive director at Circana (formerly NPD), shared the most played games on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam in September. At the top of both consoles was, unsurprisingly, Fortnite. But the most interesting game to appear on the list is Saints Row on PlayStation, which leaped from the 93 most-played games on PSN to the top five.

As pointed out by Piscatella, the reason for this huge leap in popularity is simple: It was included in September’s PS Plus free monthly games lineup. It should be noted that the other two games that were included in the PS Plus lineup last month—Generation Zero and Black Desert—are nowhere to be seen in Circana’s top 10 list. This seems to indicate that a lot of people were curious about Saints Row, but bad reviews likely kept them away. But when the game was made free to play, a whole bunch of players leaped at the chance to download and check out this latest entry in the popular series.

Now, how many of them finished the game or put any real time into it is unknown. But at the very least it seems that putting the game on PS Plus helped bring it back from the dead and potentially led to some DLC sales.

This is an example of how these subscription services can be used by publishers to revitalize older or less successful games with an audience of subscribers hungry for big AAA games, even the less-than-great ones. In completely, totally unrelated news, hey look over there, Gotham Knights was just added to Game Pass, recently.


Fortnite’s OG Map Update Bring Back Millions Of Players

Fortnite characters rush into the past.

Image: Epic Games

Just over a month after Epic Games cut nearly 900 employees, players have come roaring back to Fortnite to play its new nostalgia trip through the battle royale’s original map. Player count trackers like estimate the hit free-to-play game peaked at over 5 million concurrent players in the last 24 hours across all modes, almost double what it averaged for most of the year.

The game’s chapter 4 season 5 update went live on November 2 and has been officially dubbed “Fortnite OG,” bringing fans back to the island battlefield as it originally looked and played in 2018. Classic weapons and items have returned like the beloved shopping cart, as well as fan-favorite locations like the infamous Tilted Towers that were destroyed back in 2019. Players can once again hide out in Salty Springs or get merc’d from 300 yards off in Paradise Palms.

Of course, while the game once again looks like it did all of those world-destroying updates ago, the player-base has certainly evolved. Anyone who’s barely played in years but has had their curiosity piqued will be up against opponents who are more skilled and experienced than ever. “OG fortnite map back but whats the point if half the lobby plays like this,” tweeted user ayeejuju alongside footage of someone building in 4D chess mode.

Other things have stayed the same. Tyler “Ninja” Bevins, who rode Fortnite’s popularity to become one of the biggest video game streamers ever, was back on Twitch recently playing the Fortnite OG update for over 100k viewers. The game is currently surpassing the typically dominant Just Chatting category on the Amazon-owned platform’s leaderboard with over 600k viewers total. To put things in perspective, Fortnite hit over 12 million concurrent players during the 2020 in-game Travis Scott concert event shortly after the pandemic began.

Still, it’s the buzziest Fortnite has been in a long time, and certainly since Epic Games announced mass layoffs and disinvestments in late September. “We’ve been spending way more money than we earn,” CEO Tim Sweeney wrote at the time. “While Fortnite is starting to grow again, the growth is driven primarily by creator content with significant revenue sharing, and this is a lower margin business than we had when Fortnite Battle Royale took off and began funding our expansion.”

Fortnite OG has put the mode that nets Epic the highest commission back in the spotlight. It remains to be seen if the company can keep the momentum up with other upcoming updates as the season goes on. Epic raised the price of V-Bucks, Fortnite’s in-game currency, just last week. The game might be returning to its 2018 roots, but the costs and competition are higher than ever.