RE4’s Separate Ways DLC Brings Back Infamous Laser Room

This year’s Resident Evil 4 remake is an enjoyable survival horror game for fans and newcomers alike, and will likely be remembered as one of the best entries in the long-running franchise. But if we’re picking nits, it did suck that Capcom omitted the original game’s cool laser room section. So, it’s nice to see that’s returning in the upcoming Separate Ways DLC.

Released back in March, Capcom’s big-budget Resident Evil 4 remake is a very good video game. I enjoyed the way Capcom changed some things—melee combat, for example—while staying faithful to the original 2005 third-person horror classic. However, while most of Resident Evil 4 is recreated in the gorgeous remake, some moments didn’t make the cut. Some of these omissions were really disappointing, so it’s great to see the recently announced Separate Ways DLC is bringing back some of the most popular and sorely missed sections from the OG RE4.

The original Separate Ways was a smaller, bonus campaign starring Ada Wong as she ran about the events of Resident Evil 4 on her own mission. This mode was included in all versions of the game released after the initial GameCube edition, and was unlocked by completing the main story.


As DLC this time around, the new Separate Ways appears to be mostly the same adventure—once again starring Ada Wong as she does cool spy shit—but in this version, she’s infected with the Las Plagas parasite, an interesting change from the original bonus campaign.

What’s new in the DLC and when does it release?

It’s also nice to see the return of the fan-favorite laser room setpiece, a late-game moment that saw Leon dodging lasers in a high-tech hallway. Also spotted in the new DLC trailer is an area that looks a lot like the cable cars section that is also missing in Resident Evil 4 remake. There is even a tease of U-3, a monster that skipped the remake but appears to be showing up to get killed in Separate Ways. So yeah, as usual, Ada is here to do what Leon and so many others can’t, and to do it in style.

Separate Ways launches on September 21 and will cost $10. You’ll need to own Resident Evil 4 remake. The DLC will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S. (And just like the main game, not on Xbox One.)

Capcom also plans to drop a free update for the RE4 remake that will add Ada Wong and Albert Wesker to the game’s Mercenaries mode, so there’ll be two ways to play as the enigmatic assassin.

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Fan Sues Over KotOR 2’s Canceled DLC On Switch

Jedi and Sith fight in the cover art for KotOR 2.

Image: Obsidian Entertainment

A new gamer lawsuit rises. Three months after Aspyr said it was abandoning promised DLC for the remaster of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords on Nintendo Switch, someone is suing the publisher for failing to make good on its original promise or to offer a refund when that was no longer possible.

The class-action lawsuit (via The Gamer) was filed by Malachi Mickelonis earlier this summer and accuses Aspyr of fake advertising. He apparently bought the game but never actually played it. The lawsuit alleges he was waiting for the “Restored Content DLC” before starting the game on Switch. Oops.

KotOR 2 came to the Nintendo handheld hybrid on June 8, 2022, and the studio promised to eventually add the “Restored Content” as DLC for the game down the road. Originally brought to the PC version via mods, the “Restored Content” pack is essentially a fan-made “director’s cut” of the beloved but much beleaguered 2004 Star Wars RPG. “It’ll drop in Q3 2022,” the studio tweeted on several occasions. It did not.

Instead, the studio announced back in June of this year that it was no longer moving forward with the DLC pack promised at launch. Aspyr offered players free codes for the other remastered Star Wars games on Switch as an apology. The news came after the reports the studio was struggling with its planned, ground-up remake of the first Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for PlayStation 5. A year later, the Texas-based studio is probably in an even worse place as parent company Embracer begins to implode, laying off developers across its bloated portfolio of studios.

“[Malachi Mickelonis] felt completely duped and was upset because he had relied on Defendants’ representations that the Restored Content DLC would be released for KotOR,” the new lawsuit reads. “In fact, Plaintiff did not even play KotOR after purchasing it, instead choosing to wait until the Restored Content DLC was released. But Defendants never did. Plaintiff would potentially be interested in purchasing other games with Restored Content DLC from Defendants’ in the future if they have the advertised content, are not deceptively advertised, and accordingly priced at fair market value without being artificially inflated due to the deceptive advertising.”

The class action lawsuit means anyone else who bought the game can join it, though it’s not clear who else has or will. KotOR 2 was $20 when it first came out on Switch. It’s currently on sale for $7.50.

New Microsoft Flight Simulator DLC Adds…Dune Buggies?

Sure, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a robust and impressively realistic video game dedicated to recreating the feel of flying an airplane around the world. But what if you flew by some sick-looking hills or ramps and wanted to hit them in a dune buggy? Well, now a new DLC from a third-party developer can help.

Launched in 2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator was the long-awaited return for the franchise after being MIA for over a decade. The new entry in the series was released in the middle of the early days of the pandemic, and provided many folks a chance to safely travel around a recreation of the planet in over a dozen planes. Since its release, paid third-party DLC has been created for the game, adding new planes and features. But not all the DLC is focused on aircraft.

Out now, Juice Goose UTV is a new Flight Sim DLC that adds a highly-detailed electric off-road Utility Task Vehicle, aka cool dune buggy. The idea is that players can explore the massive open world of Flight Simulator from the ground level via the new vehicle.

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Juice Goose UTV by Parallel 42 – TRAILER

This isn’t just some quickly-made mod that tosses a car model into the game and calls it a day. According to the DLC’s official site, the buggy comes in three motor variants designed for different driving experiences. It also includes 13 liveries, optional accessories, realistic suspension, simulated friction on the tires, cruise control, lighting options, a built-in radio, and is designed to be fully drivable with a standard Xbox controller. Phew.

Even better, the Juice Goose DLC supports crossplay with airplanes, so you and your friends can get up to all kinds of fun jumping cars over planes or racing different aircraft and buggies. Optionally, players can also download a custom pack that adds a virtual playground filled with ramps and other obstacles to test out the new vehicle.

According to the devs, the Juice Goose should be available to purchase via the official Flight Sim marketplace soon on PC and Xbox. It costs $15. Players can buy it now via the studio’s official website and install it themselves, if they can’t wait for the marketplace release.


2023’s Best Soulslike Is Getting DLC And A Sequel

One of the year’s best Soulslikes, Lies of P, is getting new content in the form of a DLC expansion, as well as (eventually) a full-fledged sequel.

Director Ji Won Choi took to the game’s official YouTube channel on October 31 to deliver the news, announcing that duo developers Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio aren’t done with the Pinocchio-inspired Soulslike just yet. Choi didn’t give specifics, but confirmed that a Lies of P sequel is in the works.

“Our highest priority is developing the DLC and working on our sequel,” Choi said in the YouTube video. “The [development] team is putting in significant effort, brainstorming and exploring different aspects of the projects.”

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After thanking fans for Lies of P surpassing one million in sales, Choi then detailed what’s planned in a patch coming sometime this month. Weapon Assemble, the cool customization system that lets you combine different parts to create new murdering tools, will get tweaked so that specific weapons perform better. The flaming shovel puppet bastard at Venigni Works will be easier to defeat. That terrible dodge will get better, with the crucial Rising Dodge skill becoming a default ability instead of an unlock. And the team will give away a couple of cosmetics, while ensuring that you can wear glasses and hats at the same time. (You couldn’t do this previously.)

Lies of P

Choi then spoke briefly about Lies of P’s DLC, but didn’t outline what the expansion will entail. He did share two teaser images, which hint at the DLC’s setting. The first image looks like a lab of some sort, probably where the human experimentation that created the game’s monstrous enemies took place. The second appears to be a ship at sea, suggesting some kind of pirate-like adventure. (Game Informer speculates that it could be Neverland.) If you remember the game’s post-credits scene, then you know that someone is searching for Dorothy from the children’s novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, who literally clicks her red heels in the game’s main area of Krat. Maybe the DLC or sequel will focus on P looking for—and saving?—her from trouble.

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“Even after the launch, our commitment remains unwavering in providing players with a compelling and unforgettable story,” Choi said. “To do so, we are fully dedicating ourselves to the development of the DLC. […] I love seeing players speculating and discussing various aspects as they wait for the DLC. Every time we encounter remarkably inventive and creative hypotheses, my heart is pounding and I feel warmth…The anticipation is truly exhilarating…I wish I could share all the details with you. But if do that…I would undoubtedly face stern reprimands from my fellow developers. Yet, at the same time, I am genuinely eager to showcase some glimpses of our work.”

Kotaku reached out to Neowiz Games for comment.

There’s no word on when the game’s DLC or sequel will launch. Choi asked for patience while the teams get to work.

“Aside from this, there are still so much more that I want to show,” Choi said. “But if I reveal everything here right now, that would spoil the excitement…So, that will be it for today. But I can promise you one thing. What I just showed you scratches merely the tip of an iceberg. A lot awaits to unfold in the DLC.”


PS5 Trophies Treat Call Of Duty: MW3 Like DLC

With the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III imminent, folks are noticing something unusual about the PlayStation 5 version: it doesn’t appear to have a platinum trophy. Oddly, the game is also treated as simply DLC for Modern Warfare II. Keep in mind that this is a full $70 video game. But currently, it’s acting more like a paid DLC pack, which might confirm previous reports that at one point this latest entry in the CoD franchise was just an expansion.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is almost here (see on Amazon). In fact, folks who pre-ordered the latest entry in the popular FPS series can start playing Modern Warfare III’s campaign later today. The new entry is a direct sequel to 2022’s Modern Warfare II and features Task Force 141 on a mission to stop big baddie Vladimir Makarov from doing villainous shenanigans. And none of this should be confused with the previous Modern Warfare games released on Xbox 360 and PS3 or the remastered versions of those same games. It’s all a bit confusing. Also confusing: The new Modern Warfare III on PC and PS5 behaves like DLC and not a new game.

As spotted by trophy guide site PowerPyx and later confirmed by players on PlayStation 5, MW III is listed as DLC for 2022’s Modern Warfare II. This is only the case on PS5 and not on PlayStation 4. The PS4 version of the game has a platinum trophy and a separate trophy list. Weirdly, on Steam, MW III has a similar problem, with its Steam achievements being listed as DLC for MW II. The Xbox versions of the game do not seem to share this issue.

Kotaku has reached out to Activision about the Call of Duty trophy situation.

Was Modern Warfare III originally a paid expansion?

So what’s up? I can’t imagine Activision purposely left out the platinum trophy on just the PS5 version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. I also find it unlikely that just the PS5 and PC ports would treat trophies and achievements as DLC while the other versions of the shooter handle them as you’d expect: as separate video games. My guess is this is some sort of technical mix-up or back-end issue that likely reveals a previous report about MW III’s development was accurate.

In November 2022, Bloomberg reported that Modern Warfare III wasn’t going to be a full, new video game but instead a paid, premium expansion for Modern Warfare II. However, in February, the outlet reported that things had changed and MW III had evolved from a premium expansion into a full retail release.

So it’s possible that what is happening with MW III’s trophies on PS5 is a leftover issue from when the game was originally just a big expansion for MW II. If that’s the case, I assume Activision will confirm this and update the game to fix this issue.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III’s multiplayer launches on November 10. The game’s campaign will be available later today for those who preordered. We’ll see if any updates change the current trophy situation between now and November 10.

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