2023’s Best Horror Remake Just Landed On Xbox Game Pass

A Dead Space remake still shows Isaac staring at a recruitment ad on the USG Ishimura.

Image: Motive Studio / EA

If you are a Game Pass subscriber and need to play a spooky video game this Halloween worry not, because you now have access to one of this year’s best horror games: Dead Space.

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Dead Space is a remake of EA’s original sci-fi horror third-person shooter. You play as a space engineer named Isaac Clarke as he and his crew explore a large derelict mining ship, the USG Ishimura. There they discover that the original mining ship crew are all either very much dead or have been turned into Necromorphs, terrifying tentacled zombie-like monsters. When it rains it pours. You can play Dead Space via Game Pass if you are an EA Play member or have Game Pass’ most expensive tier, Game Pass Ultimate. You can check out its gory trailer here.

Dead Space

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Isaac doesn’t have his work cut out for him aboard the USG Ishimura. The engineer has to multitask rescuing his crew (whom he’s inconveniently been separated from), uncovering the secrets behind the Necromorps, and fighting his way through waves of space monsters using his trusty Plasma Cutter and his very heavy curb-stomping boots.

The game is stressful enough to make you seek refuge behind the closed doors of a rundown elevator. Which you can do and no one would shame you for it. You don’t get paid enough to deal with all that nonsense. Just know that you’re not safe behind closed elevator doors either because Necromprphs can open doors. Y’know, because of the gross tentacles.

In our review of Dead Space, we said the remake accomplishes what it set out to do in making a scary game with solid gameplay and grizzly updated graphics to the point where “you can see the meat fall off the bone.” Dead Space is officially not invited to Thanksgiving dinner.

Airbnb Horror Movie Barbarian Will Soon Be A Video Game

A woman is shown crawling up a staircase in distress.

Image: 20th Century Fox

The 2022 horror movie Barbarian wasn’t on my short list of recent films I thought might get a video game adaptation. But it sounds like one is coming from the company behind the Friday the 13th and Evil Dead games.

Diversion3 Entertainment, who is behind the aforementioned horror adaptations, announced it has entered an agreement with New Regency, the production company behind last year’s horror hit. There’s currently no word on a publisher or developer, but it sounds like the game won’t be a direct adaptation of the movie.

“We’re very excited to work with the team at New Regency to expand on the settings, characters, and creatures of Barbarian,” said Tim Hesse, Executive Producer of Diversion3 Entertainment in a statement to Bloody Disgusting. “The film did a magnificent job of not only scaring audiences with its unexpected and horrifying twists and turns, but also in establishing strong characters thrown into terrifying situations.

“We look forward to exploring these themes further in the game.”

20th Century Fox

The 2022 film stars Georgina Campbell (Murdered by my Boyfriend), Justin Long (Jeepers Creepers), and Bill Skarsgård (the It remakes) and focuses on an Airbnb stay gone terribly wrong after the guests discover the home they’re staying in is inhabited by a monstrous woman in the basement. Things escalate from there, but even so, I’m curious how the premise gets made into a video game. But given that Friday the 13th and Evil Dead were asymmetrical multiplayer games instead of direct adaptations, it’s likely Barbarian is due for a shake-up in its movie-to-game translation.

Barbarian was well-received last year, and was directed by Zach Cregger, who also plays Everett in the film. Cregger has gone on to do a lot as a writer, director, and actor over the years, but he will always be Zach from The Whitest Kids U’ Know, to me.