Survivor Brings Back Infamous And Annoying Boss

In Star Wars, death is just a detour. A minor inconvenience. If you are famous or well-liked, odds are you’ll be back, either through the magic of prequels or through just being straight-up brought back to life to get fans all excited. And this tradition continues in the recently released Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which brings back a particularly annoying and beloved boss from the first game, along with that creature’s child. As Luke Skywalker himself once said, “No one’s ever really gone.”

Before we go any further, consider this your official warning that below this sentence you’ll find some minor spoilers for Jedi: Survivor and Fallen Order. 

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Back in 2019, when Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order launched, players quickly encountered a large toad-like alien boss on the planet of Bogano that could easily kill Cal when first met. The boss was named Oggdo Bogdo and within no time, this big alien frog became a fan favorite. Many players who tried to defeat the boss the first time they encountered it found that this was quite tricky, as Bogdo was very hard to kill and did a lot of damage, and Cal typically still had very few health items and not many abilities unlocked. However, that didn’t stop some who were determined to kill this oversized frog, even if it meant dying over and over to do so. And now, it turns out Bodgo had a child and we should all feel a bit bad about killing a parent.

Where to find Oggdo Bogdo’s spawn

On the planet Koboh where much of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor takes place, players can visit a location called Fort Kah’lin only a few hours after booting up the game. This large base is filled with baddies and droids. But once you fight your way through, Cal will end up in an area that seems like a boring old room but is actually hiding a trap floor. Step on it and you’ll be dropped into the lair of a big ol’ alien boss with a familiar name: Spawn of Oggdo.

Fextralife / EA

Yes, this is the child of Oggdo Bogdo. I mean, it makes sense. Star Wars loves to have all of its characters related to each other. So I’m not shocked that the toad you killed in the last game has a kid just lurking in a lair far from the planet where you fought its parent. It’s hardly the weirdest thing in Star Wars lore.

Like the younger toad’s parent, Spawn of Oggdo is a tricky fight, especially if you rush to find this creature the first time you visit Koboh. Like before, you’ll be low on healing stims and won’t have all the abilities and upgrades needed to easily kill this space amphibian. But if you can dodge all of its one-hit kill attacks and defeat it, you’ll unlock a nifty little cosmetic from the first game.

The return of Oggdo Bogdo

“Wait!” I hear you scream. “This article promised a boss returning from the first game, not the spawn of a previous boss.” That’s true. And you should be patient and yell less. I’m getting to that part. You see, once you defeat the spawn of Oggdo, you can head back to Doma’s shop near Greez’s saloon in town. When you enter you’ll notice a new Force tear thingy. These are rifts in the Force (or something) and upon touching them Cal will be tasked with a challenge that will test either his combat skills or platforming experience.

This particular rift in Doma’s shop leads to a new and challenging boss fight. If you decide to enter, be prepared for a very hard encounter and one which will likely kill you at least a few times if you aren’t properly leveled up or focused enough. Why? Well, waiting for you on the other side of this rift is Oggdo Bogdo and the Spawn of Ogdo.

ActinTuffGaming / EA

That’s right, both the kid and the parent are waiting for you and ready to kick your Jedi ass as many times as they can.

Just like before, these enemies hit hard and have a lot of health. And having to take out both of them at the same time is a truly tricky challenge. But it’s not impossible, and if you defeat them you can rest assured that you’ll never have to deal with either Oggdo Bogdo or its spawn ever again.

Well, until they likely return—probably alongside another member of this toad family—in the future Star Wars Jedi sequel. Like Luke Skywalker said at the start of this post, “No one’s ever really gone.” Not even a disgusting and hard-to-kill alien toad or its equally tough offspring.

The Tale Behind Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s Infamous Fan-Fav Boss

Rick the Door Technician might not be the most powerful or dangerous enemy in Respawn’s fantastic sequel, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. But he is a fan favorite who, in a game filled with great boss fights, provided one of the game’s most memorable and shortest.

Fairly late into Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s main campaign, while exploring a large Imperial base, your protagonist, Jedi warrior Cal Kestis, runs into a single stormtrooper. Right before this, Kestis had to fight off a large garrison of Imperial baddies in one of the game’s biggest, toughest fights. After surviving all that, and likely injured with no checkpoint, you encounter a new boss: Rick the Door Technician. While another boss encounter seems like an unfair challenge after such a big fight, this lone trooper is really just a joke character who Kestis can defeat with one hit. So why is he here? Well, according to Respawn, he was created to make you laugh and feel better after a tough fight. Isn’t that nice of Rick?

In an interview with IGN, Jonathan Wright, the lead encounter designer at Respawn, explained the origin behind this odd “boss fight.” After that very large fight, players were stressed out, as Respawn purposely designed that section to be even tenser by not including a checkpoint. This makes players nervous about what’s coming next, as they desperately search for a checkpoint. While this all worked to create a tense moment, Repsawn wanted to eventually provide something that would “be a release of all that built-up tension.” Its solution: making players laugh.

Fuzzy Bearbarian / Respawn

“Players have just come from an extremely hard fight. Players are more than likely very low on health at this point, and are probably very stressed with finding the next meditation point so they can rest,” said Wright. “The moment with Rick allowed us to build up another moment of tension as players think they are in for another hard fight, but then release all that built-up stress when they fully realize the moment with Rick. It’s a good emotional reset to prepare players for what is to come.”

This is all part of Respawn’s effort to balance the mostly serious narrative and events in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor with moments of humor. According to Wright, this balance is what makes the jokes “land.”

“The seriousness of the rest of the game is what makes the more humorous moments land,” said Wright. “The contrast between funny and serious elevates both kinds of moments. We knew that the moment with Rick was important because of this.”

Respawn didn’t expect people to fall in love with Rick

However, nobody at Respawn could have predicted how fans would react to Rick, quickly embracing the character and creating fan art, mods, and other content based on the lonely stormtrooper who tried to stop Cal Kestis. The character has become one of the most talked about moments in the game, and has players asking for more of Rick the Door Technician. (It would probably have to be in a prequel, considering what happens to him…)

Wright told IGN that seeing all the fan love and community support for Rick has been “indescribable” and that he “never imagined [Rick] would explode in popularity to this extent.”

“To me, there is no greater achievement than something you had a hand in creating [then inspiring] other people to be creative,” said Wright. “All the comments on videos from people describing their experience with Rick’s heroic last stand, all the jokes and the memes, the videos and stories, it’s all a spark of creativity that started with Rick and I think that is amazing.”

As for if Rick will return, as so many Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fans have asked about, Wright told IGN that it isn’t his call, but he added that he doesn’t think more Rick content is “needed.”

“Rick’s story already has a valiant ending,” said Wright. “The explosion in popularity and fan creativity shows that we already did a good enough job with Rick. Let players have fun with it and let people be creative with Rick’s backstory in their own minds.”

Infamous Starfield Leaker Booked On Felony Charge

The saga of a now infamous Starfield leaker has ended up with a 29-year-old man booked on a felony charge after allegedly trying to sell stolen copies of the game online prior to its September 1 release date.

Darin Harris was processed by the Shelby County, Tennessee Sheriff’s Office on August 24, roughly four days after he originally posted the first 45 minutes of Starfield online. The information on the Sheriff Office’s website lists a felony charge for $2,500-$10,000 worth of stolen property, a misdemeanor charge for $1,000 or less of stolen property, and a misdemeanor charge for possession of marijuana.

Harris could not immediately be reached for comment. Bethesda and Microsoft did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The leak of the highly anticipated open-world sci-fi RPG went viral on August 22, with the grainy cellphone footage getting re-posted to various social media sites even after it was taken down from YouTube for copyright infringement. A 60-second clip on Imgur was viewed over 1 million times. Something that immediately jumped out to viewers about the video was that Harris didn’t seem to have any idea what he was doing, or much familiarity with Bethesda’s RPGs in particular, or modern shooters in general. In the aftermath, Harris shared another video online commenting on the initial leak.

“Todd, no offense man, that’s a good game,” he said, referencing Starfield game director Todd Howard. “They were saying I play like a beginner cause I’m not a game expert I was just trying something out. That’s a good game y’all don’t want to miss it.”

Things then took a turn as Harris began uploading listings for additional copies of the game, including the coveted Constellation Edition complete with a custom-made NASA-punk space watch, to the Japanese e-commerce platform Mercari. A few of them now show as sold for roughly their retail price, including one listing that reads “RESERVED for Chris‼️ Starfield Xbox Series X/S Bundle.” The account included hundreds of listings for other merchandise as well.

Subsequent videos posted by Harris seemingly showed him going to FedEx to pay for shipping of copies that successfully sold. Fans of the game and major leaks more generally suggested it was a scam. After all, how could he have gotten access to so many copies early? One video then showed him putting labels on packages with a pile of Starfield copies in the seat next to him.

A screenshot of Mercari listings shows a bunch of copies of Starfield.

Screenshot: Mercari / Kotaku

“Y’all thought I’d be out here putting stuff on the internet and it ain’t real, nah baby that ain’t how we do it, that ain’t how we do that,” he said. “Y’all used to playing with little boys.”

Around August 24, Harris began clearing out his social media accounts, including deleting all of the videos on his apparent YouTube channel. By then it may have already been too late. It’s unclear if Bethesda, which made and publishes Starfield, or Microsoft, which owns Bethesda, tipped local authorities off to an alleged misdeed. Harris may also have been booked for completely separate charges unrelated to his unusual social media campaign around the game.

Update 8/28/2023 9:14 a.m. ET: Harris was released from jail on August 25 after a bail of $10,000 was posted, and his next court date is September 8, just a couple days after Starfield’s full release.

Update 8/28/2023 11:24 a.m. ET: According to a police report obtained by Polygon, Harris is accused of stealing 67 copies of the game, which he claims he legally purchased, from the Vantiva logistics warehouse.

The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports that police executed a search warrant on Harris’ home where they found a FexEx package with a copy of Starfield inside as well as three handguns, including one that was allegedly stolen.

Microsoft and Bethesda have not responded to requests for comment on whether they helped initiate the investigation.


RE4’s Separate Ways DLC Brings Back Infamous Laser Room

This year’s Resident Evil 4 remake is an enjoyable survival horror game for fans and newcomers alike, and will likely be remembered as one of the best entries in the long-running franchise. But if we’re picking nits, it did suck that Capcom omitted the original game’s cool laser room section. So, it’s nice to see that’s returning in the upcoming Separate Ways DLC.

Released back in March, Capcom’s big-budget Resident Evil 4 remake is a very good video game. I enjoyed the way Capcom changed some things—melee combat, for example—while staying faithful to the original 2005 third-person horror classic. However, while most of Resident Evil 4 is recreated in the gorgeous remake, some moments didn’t make the cut. Some of these omissions were really disappointing, so it’s great to see the recently announced Separate Ways DLC is bringing back some of the most popular and sorely missed sections from the OG RE4.

The original Separate Ways was a smaller, bonus campaign starring Ada Wong as she ran about the events of Resident Evil 4 on her own mission. This mode was included in all versions of the game released after the initial GameCube edition, and was unlocked by completing the main story.


As DLC this time around, the new Separate Ways appears to be mostly the same adventure—once again starring Ada Wong as she does cool spy shit—but in this version, she’s infected with the Las Plagas parasite, an interesting change from the original bonus campaign.

What’s new in the DLC and when does it release?

It’s also nice to see the return of the fan-favorite laser room setpiece, a late-game moment that saw Leon dodging lasers in a high-tech hallway. Also spotted in the new DLC trailer is an area that looks a lot like the cable cars section that is also missing in Resident Evil 4 remake. There is even a tease of U-3, a monster that skipped the remake but appears to be showing up to get killed in Separate Ways. So yeah, as usual, Ada is here to do what Leon and so many others can’t, and to do it in style.

Separate Ways launches on September 21 and will cost $10. You’ll need to own Resident Evil 4 remake. The DLC will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S. (And just like the main game, not on Xbox One.)

Capcom also plans to drop a free update for the RE4 remake that will add Ada Wong and Albert Wesker to the game’s Mercenaries mode, so there’ll be two ways to play as the enigmatic assassin.

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