Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk Actually Fight In This Free Game

A screenshot shows pixel art versions of Elon and Mark fighting each other in a ring.

Screenshot: Blue Wizard / Kotaku

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg will likely never actually fight each other in a cage match during a UFC event. (I know that’s a weird way to start a paragraph, stick with me…) However, we can all experience the alternate and better timeline where that fight did happen thanks to a newly released free game pitting the tech bro CEOs against each other in unarmed combat.

For those of you who aren’t terminally online and have lives outside of your phone and the internet, let me catch you up on what’s been happening in the world of “Rich Dudes Challenging Each Other To Fights.”

It all started on June 20 when Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk challenged Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg to a 1v1 cage match via tweet. Surprisingly, Zuck responded on Instagram and agreed to the fight, asking Musk for a location to throw down. For a whole host of reasons, this bizarre fight isn’t likely to happen, with the weirdest and funniest one being: Musk’s mom got involved and seemingly got it canceled. However, that didn’t stop someone from quickly creating a video game where we can all live out what would have surely been the next milestone in our ongoing and exciting journey which is “The Slow Implosion Of Society Via Capitalism.”

What kind of game is Zuck vs Musk?

As spotted by PC Gamer, Zuck vs Musk is out now and is a free browser game developed by Blue Wizard founder, Bejeweled designer, and Plants vs Zombies creative director Jason Kapalka. Zuck vs Musk isn’t a completely brand new game; instead it’s a modified, smaller version of Blue Wizard’s pre-existing wrestling game, WrestleBros. And the only two characters in this tinier version of the game are dumbshit CEOs Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

The game is fairly simple to play, with you just having to mash the space button while moving close to either Musk or Zuck. Sadly, even though you get to beat up one of these rich dinguses, you still have to play as the other and that means they win and that sucks. I need a mode that lets me drop in some random wrestler who can beat them both up.

There’s a progression system in the game, for those who can stomach playing as Musk or Zuck for more than five minutes. Nothing against the game, which is very well-made and fun. But I just don’t want to be either of these men for an extended period of time. Even if I get to kick the other guy’s ass in the process.

The Mark Zuckerberg Avatar Legs Saga Has Finally Concluded

Last year, Facebook (now known as Meta) announced that it was adding legs to its ugly virtual reality avatars. Some people were excited. Now a year later, after Meta promised the legs were coming soon, they are finally (sort of) working inside the company’s depressing digital “metaverse”. Should we…cheer?

Let me take you back to August 2022, around a year after the initial release of Horizon Worlds—Meta’s free, online virtual reality metaverse project. People were dunking on Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg after he posted a selfie from inside Horizon Worlds. The photo looked sad and decidedly ugly, and featured Horizon’s legless, low-fidelity digital avatars. That terrible image got roasted so hard that he later explained that, actually, Facebook’s avatars would be getting a big graphical update (so stop being so mean). In October last year, Zuckerberg showed off the newly improved avatars and also previewed that they would all have working legs. A release date of sometime in 2023 was promised, and then a few days later we learned that the whole video featuring the legs was fake and featured mo-cappedmocapped animations.

Now it’s almost a year later. The buzz around the metaverse concept has long since died and grifters have moved on to AI tech. But as UploadVR reported on August 28, Meta has finally added legs to its horrific online video game. They just…come with a few asterisks.

Meta’s new digital legs come with a lot of restrictions

First, you can’t crouch or jump. I mean, you can, Meta can’t stop you from doing those things while wearing a VR headset. But your in-world avatar’s legs won’t recreate those moves. Secondly, the legs only show up in third-person views, like when other people look at you. So if you look down, you’ll see you still have a lot in common with most protagonists from 1990s shooters. While you can perceive your own legs via in-game mirrors, Meta seems to believe they aren’t needed in first-person.

Tyriel Wood – VR Tech / Meta

Further, the legs are only available to players who have access to v57 of the Horizon public test channel and can only be seen in Horizon Home, not in user-created games or Horizon Worlds. However, Meta did tell UploadVR that these new digital legs will be added to the rest of the game’s worlds over the next few weeks.

That’s a lot of caveats, but I guess, technically, Meta did ship the legs in 2023. So congrats on sticking to a deadline.

Of course, the real question is: How many people in 2023 are actually excited to hop back into Zuck’s boring (and unprofitable) matrix? Even last year we heard reports that Horizon Worlds was basically a ghost town and that Meta’s own staff didn’t like playing or working in the company’s metaverse. Somehow, I doubt crappy virtual legs will change any of that.