Spider-Man 2 Gets New Gameplay Trailer At State Of Play

Sony’s State of Play broadcast on September 14 released even more gameplay footage from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Insomniac Games’ PlayStation 5 exclusive.

PlayStation seems giddy to share more about Spider-Man 2, the direct sequel to 2018 action-adventure Marvel’s Spider-Man, and the third installment in the series that also includes 2020’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

In a new gameplay trailer, we got a look at how the game’s updated progress system works as well as how it will let you switch between Miles Morales and Peter Parker “almost” instantly thanks to the PS5’s SSD. The game will also feature over 65 suits and over 200 different ways to wear them via a new suit-style system. Insomniac says the suits are based on looks Spider-Man has worn in past comics, movies, TV shows, and more.

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Insomniac / PlayStation

At its May Showcase, PlayStation released 12 minutes of gameplay footage that confirmed Spider-Man 2 would keep pulling on its predecessors’ throughline—web-swing from buildings in (a now more realistically congested) New York City and clobber bad guys by the dozens. In the upcoming sequel, players will be able to control both Spider-Man’s Peter Parker, who gains never-before-seen abilities while wearing his black symbiote suit, and Miles Morales.

You’ll help the spider-boys do what they boyishly do best: take down obviously bad guys like big-game hunter Kraven and liquid alien Venom. The latter infiltrates Parker like a parasite, in a way creative director Bryan Intihar compares to addiction.

“The theme of addiction is prevalent [in the game],” Intihar told Eurogamer in a June interview, “especially because of the symbiote.”

“Not to go into too many things about how it plays in the narrative, but we want to treat it very seriously,” he continued. “It’s about really playing into those themes of addiction, how that can impact someone’s personality, impact the people around them, and you’re going to see that it’s not just how it’s impacting Peter on his own, but also those close to him. You’re going to see that play out throughout the game.”

You can see for yourself just how well it pulls that off when Spider-Man 2 comes out on PS5 on October 20.

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Spider-Man 2 Will Have Ray Tracing Across All Visual Modes

Venom is shown standing on the street in the rain while baring his teeth and gross ass tongue.

Image: Insomniac Games

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is just about a month away, as the PlayStation 5 sequel is set to launch on October 20. While both the original 2018 game and its 2020 spin-off sequel Miles Morales were also on PlayStation 4, Spider-Man 2 is being made exclusively for the PS5’s beefier tech. As such, developer Insomniac claims it’s been able to leverage the system to achieve ray tracing across the board regardless of what graphical performance setting you play on.

In an interview with IGN, Insomniac Director of Core Technology Mike Fitzgerald and Project Director Jeannette Lee talked about the tech behind the upcoming open-world game. When the topic of ray tracing (realistic rendering of reflections, lighting, and shadows) came up, Fitzgerald explained that Spider-Man 2 will offer multiple framerate options (30, 40, and 60 frames per second). The 30fps mode will have better graphical fidelity, but if you trade some of that prettier image quality you’ll get a smoother framerate at 60. The 40fps option is for those of us with a 120Hz TV.

Regardless of which you pick, Fitzgerald says ray tracing will be on by default for each mode, and says this is thanks to the studio working with the PlayStation 5 long enough to understand the tech, having released three games on the system already between both prior Spider-Man games and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

“For this game we’re really able to deliver [ray tracing] as a baseline performance mode,” Fitzgerald told IGN. “There’s no mode of this game that has the ray tracing turned off, no need for it. We’ve really figured out how to deliver what we feel like is the right Spider-Man visuals and we want to make sure every player is seeing that.”

That all sounds impressive, and if Insomniac is this good with the tech by now, I’m curious to see what its Wolverine game will look like whenever it comes out. But even before this, Insomniac’s games have been a pretty strong technical showcase for the PlayStation 5. Rift Apart’s portal tech was really wild to see, and supposedly needed the PS5’s solid-state drive to accomplish.

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PS Plus Will Stream Spider-Man And More To PS5 Later This Month

Miles Morales swings through a New York city street.

Image: Insomniac Games / Sony

Sony’s cloud gaming efforts are starting to ramp up. PS Plus subscribers will be able to start streaming big-name games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the Resident Evil 4 remake directly to their PlayStation 5s in the coming weeks. The company also hints that PS5 cloud gaming might be coming to other devices, like smartphones, at some point in the future.

“Starting this month, we will begin launching cloud streaming access for supported PS5 digital titles within the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog and Game Trials, as well as supported titles in the PS5 game library that PlayStation Plus Premium members own,” the company wrote over on the PlayStation Blog today. This new feature goes live in North America around October 30, and will be exclusive to the Premium tier of PlayStation Plus, which is now $18 a month or $160 a year (Sony raised the price last month).

Though remote play, which allows PS5 owners to stream games from their console to smartphones and PCs, has been around for a while, this new cloud gaming feature will let paying subscribers stream games to their PS5s from Sony’s servers and play them without downloading. Here are some of the games Sony said will support cloud gaming at launch, with more being added later on:

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  • Horizon Forbidden West
  • Ghost of Tsushima
  • Mortal Kombat 11
  • Saints Row IV
  • Resident Evil 4
  • Dead Island 2
  • Genshin Impact
  • Fall Guys
  • Fortnite

Game trials will also be available to stream, including Hogwarts Legacy, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and The Callisto Protocol. Streamed games will support resolutions ranging from 720p up to 4K, as well as 60fps and HDR output where applicable. Players can also take screenshots and record video clips up to three minutes long.

While the quality of game streaming still varies a lot, especially based on the speed of your home internet, it can be a major convenience when it comes to trying games out before starting a lengthy install process or quickly dipping into a live-service game like Destiny 2 to finish a daily or weekly challenge. As blockbuster game file sizes have ballooned to over 100GB, juggling installs has become an annoying minigame in and of itself. Cloud streaming is one way to alleviate some of the frustration.

Cloud gaming of most of the Game Pass library has been widely available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One for years now, and competing services like Nvidia’s GeForce Now provide the same functionality on PC. It’s nice to see Sony finally catching up in that regard. As The Verge reported earlier this year, the company’s job listings point to a major new push to invest in and grow its cloud gaming capabilities. PS5 owners appear to finally be seeing some of the benefit of that.

Spider-Man 2 Fast Travel Is So Quick It’s Blowing Players Minds

Gif: Insomniac Games / Sony / Kotaku

Spider-Man 2 is full of impressive technical achievements, but the one that’s currently blowing everyone’s minds is just how quick fast travel is. The PlayStation 5 exclusive lets you travel from one end of its sprawling map to the other in just a couple of seconds. It’s so good players thought Insomniac Games must be hiding something.

A clip that recently went viral on social media ahead of Spider-Man 2‘s October 20 launch had players marveling at the feature’s elegance and speed in the new blockbuster. “The fact that you can travel to any location, even the opposite corner of the map, with ZERO loading is absolutely mind-boggling,” tweeted user Okami13. “Definitely the most seamless fast-travel system I’ve seen.”

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In a thread on ResetEra discussing the fast travel system (via Gamesradar), users debated if there might be a mini-loading screen hidden in the button press required to initiate it. When you fast travel in Spider-Man 2, you have to hold down the triangle button for a second or two overtop of the location you want to move to. The fast travel it triggers is so speedy, some players assumed Insomniac must be using this delayed input to mask the map loading in the background.

Not so according to Mike Fitzgerald, Insomniac’s director of core technologies. “That’s a hold-to-confirm prompt, not hiding a load,” he wrote on ResetEra. “If anyone wants to check, they can look at how late it’s possible to cancel it out when they’re playing.” In fact, the studio even debated removing it at one point to make fast travel even faster.

“Last month I brought up whether we should remove the hold-to-confirm, mostly to address that accusation we were seeing,” Fitgerald wrote. “But it was correctly pointed out to me that having a confirmation window was important for player usability, which at the end of the day is far more important than Internet cred points (even though we love our Internet cred points).”

Having played Spider-Man 2, I definitely agree that the “hold-to-confirm” requirement is a nicer experience. In addition to the satisfying haptic feedback from the button press, it also prevents you from accidently initiating fast travel to somewhere you didn’t mean to go or while trying to check map icons for information about new activities. But it’s still wild to think that Spider-Man 2 could actually support almost instantaneous fast travel across its sprawling version of New York City if the feature was turned off.

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Spider-Man 2 Getting New Game Plus And More By December 2023

Spider-Man sits perched on a rainy night in the black suit.

Screenshot: Insomniac Games / Sony / Kotaku

Spider-Man 2 comes out on October 20, but a big post-launch update will follow later in the year. The patch will add a new game plus mode, more accessibility options, and the ability to replay older missions.

The post-launch update was indicated in review materials Sony sent for Spider-Man 2 ahead of release, and James Stevenson—Insomniac Games’ director of marketing—told fans on social media that they should expect the new game plus mode some time before the end of 2023.

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Beating the PlayStation 5 exclusive currently unlocks an “ultimate” difficulty setting, available to players when they start a new playthrough. However, they won’t carry over any of their unlocked abilities, skills, gadgets, or suit upgrades. This will be a feature reserved for new game plus. An ability to replay story missions will also be a big boon to those who want to experience some of the biggest fights and set-pieces all over again, without replaying the entire game.

Insomniac has also encouraged players who will be buying Spider-Man 2 on disc to make sure they don’t miss the version 1.001.002 day one patch. It “improves the opening sections of the game and includes other general refinements to your Spidey experience, including some additional accessibility options.”

We still don’t know what other post-launch content Insomniac has planned for Spider-Man 2. While 2020’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales didn’t get any DLC, the 2018 original game got a trilogy of of chapters introducing Black Cat. More recently, Sony has opted for single expansions, as in the case of Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores add-on. Whatever form its continuation could potentially take, Spider-Man 2 definitely teases plenty of unfinished story threads.

There’s also still room for new gameplay features. Asked why the action-adventure doesn’t have an option to change the time of day, Stevenson simply responded, “because game dev isn’t simple, nor easy.”

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Spider-Man 2’s Graphics Are (Mostly) Improved Over Original’s

Like Insomniac’s original Marvel’s Spider-Man, the studio’s new sequel, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, looks really good. It’s one of those games that just about anyone will look at and go “Wow, what a great-looking game!” But if you dig a bit deeper and compare the original 2018 Spider-Man and its 2023 PS5-exclusive sequel, you’ll discover an interesting mix of improvements and compromises.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Spider-Man 2 (out on October 20) is the bigger, better follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2018 game and 2020’s Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. In his review, Kotaku’s Ethan Gach said that the latest Spider-Man sequel is as good as the previous games, adding that in many ways it’s “even better.” And I’m inclined to agree after playing Spider-Man 2 for the past two weeks. The sequel is likewise visually impressive, and at first glance seems to be a complete improvement over the prior two. But in reality…well okay, yeah, it’s mostly an improvement. Yet when you directly compare old and new you can spot some cutbacks and tweaks Insomniac presumably made to ensure the sequel’s performance is silky smooth.

Nick930 / Insomniac / Sony

Thanks to a fantastic direct comparison video from Youtuber Nick930, we can see just how Spider-Man 2 improves on the already-impressive graphics of the first game.

For example, the sequel sees a huge increase in traffic density. Comparing the new game with 2018’s, it’s almost laughable how few cars can be spotted in the original. NYC looks like a ghost town.

An image shows a screenshot comparing traffic in Spider-Man and its sequel.

Screenshot: Nick930 / Insomniac / Sony / Kotaku

Main character models and textures also see a nice bump in quality, and improved ray-traced reflections can be found throughout New York. Something I noticed when playing Spider-Man 2 is how buildings now reflect other buildings, which helps the city look more real and less like a movie set or video game world. The rivers in NYC have also been improved, with better reflections and more lifelike physics when objects like boats are seen interacting with the water.

Smart cutbacks and compromises

But on the flip side, the number of people you’ll see milling about in the city that never sleeps has been reduced, with some areas of the game being more devoid of pedestrians than I expected. As suggested by Nick930, this change was likely made as a result of Insomniac adding more variety to crowds, and for the most part, I never noticed this when playing.

An image shows a screenshot comparing object detail in Spider-Man and its sequel.

Screenshot: Nick930 / Insomniac / Sony / Kotaku

Another example of some cutbacks is that very small details—soda cans in trash bins, newspapers lying on rooftops—aren’t as nice looking up close as they were in the original game. Similarly, the level of detail of the city seems reduced. So when you climb up a skyscraper and look out you’ll notice, on close inspection, objects like distant radio towers, AC units, or trees are missing or much lower quality than in Spider-Man 2018.

These changes were likely a result of the game increasing its map size to include Brooklyn and Queens, nearly doubling the playable space. At some point, to keep performance from dipping, it’s likely that things most players barely notice were tweaked so resources could be spent elsewhere.

Update 10/19/2023 7:08 p.m. ET: Video creator Nick930 just tweeted that Spider-Man 2 may have a bug wherein the engine’s level of detail system might be misbehaving when the game is installed on a secondary drive, resulting in lower-than-intended detail in certain visuals. Sounds like more investigation will be needed to nail down exactly what’s happening there.

These tweaks are a good thing

Overall, the main takeaway shouldn’t be that Spider-Man 2 is a visually inferior game to the first entry. In fact, most of the cutbacks and compromises spotted in the video were tweaks or changes I didn’t notice in my 30 or so hours playing the game on a fancy 4K 120Hz TV. Instead, it seems Insomniac went through Spider-Man 2 with a fine-tooth comb and subtle hand, trying to balance impressive visuals and responsive, consistent performance. I personally didn’t notice a single dropped frame.

An image shows a screenshot comparing reflections in Spider-Man and its sequel.

Screenshot: Nick930 / Insomniac / Sony / Kotaku

In an era when it seems like every other big game released these days is launching in a dismal state, with numerous performance issues or game-breaking bugs, it’s nice to see a studio taking the time and effort to ensure its game arrives in a rock-solid state. I mean, one look at how snappy fast travel is in this game, and I’m sold on whatever minor, hard-to-spot tweaks had to be made to get this thing running so well.

Maybe some of these changes mean cups and soda cans in Spider-Man 2’s trash bags don’t look as good as before. But if the tradeoff is I get a 60fps open-world Spider-Man game featuring two playable characters and hours of side content and RT reflections everywhere, I’ll live!


Spider-Man 2 Dev Hints Insomniac Is Open To A Venom Spin-Off

Happy Spider-Man 2 Day, everyone! (Sure, all your family on your mother’s side are celebrating Super Mario Bros. Wonder Day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all get along.) And what better way to celebrate the release of Insomniac’s latest web-shooting action blockbuster than to demand they make another game for you? That’s what the developers are inviting in response to the suggestion of a Venom spin-off for the franchise.

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This latest entry in Insomniac’s Spider-Man franchise (the third, following the 2018 original, and the 2020 Miles Morales spin-off) introduces the alien-goo monster Venom to the cast. It seems how he’s introduced is quite widely known, but I’m not going to say here as I just had to spoil it for myself to research this article, and no reason to do that to you too. The response from jubilant reviewers, and excited potential players, is a hope that we might see the alien symbiote getting his very own game, much as Miles did following the first game’s DLC.

The game certainly leaves a lot of threads open, meaning there’s potential for the story to spin off in all sorts of directions. More of Tony Todd’s Venom seems like a pretty good one to grab.

Read More: Spider-Man 2: The Kotaku Review

Insomniac, notably, isn’t ruling it out. In an interview with Insider, senior narrative director Jon Paquette was asked what the chances were of seeing such a project, and while his response was fairly boilerplate dismissal of the question, he did open the door to fans letting Insomniac know their desires.

“So, here’s what we’re doing,” Paquette told the site. “We’re focused on Spider-Man 2, and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna wait to see how the fans react. We’re gonna listen to the fans and we’re gonna ask ourselves, ‘Okay, what do the fans really want?’”

So while that’s a standard, “I’m not allowed to talk about anything but the game I’m promoting” response, what it’s not is a shutting down of the idea. And, well, he just asked what the fans really want. So, if a Venom-based game is on your wishlist, let them know! You know, politely.

In the meantime, Insomniac said in 2021 it was making a Marvel’s Wolverine set in the same universe as the Spider-Man games, although things have gone awfully quiet about that since. At the time of the announcement, Insomniac’s head of franchise, Ryan Schneider, explained that it was coming from the Miles Morales team. “In the vein of our Spider-Man games,” he wrote in the same post that announced Spider-Man 2, “our goal here is to not only respect the DNA of what makes the character so popular… From what I’ve seen of its emotional narrative and cutting-edge gameplay (see what I did there?), the team is already creating something truly special..”

Venom seems like it has a lot more fun options for leaping around a city than ol’ grumpy-claws.

Spider-Man 2 Fastest-Selling Game In PlayStation History

Peter and Miles web-sling in front of a red backround.

Image: Insomniac Games / Sony

Sony has proclaimed Spider-Man 2 is the fastest-selling PlayStation Studios game in the company’s history. The PlayStation 5 exclusive sold 2.5 million copies on launch day alone.

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Released on October 20, Spider-Man 2 is Sony’s first major first-party blockbuster to launch only on the PS5, rather than cross-gen on the PS4, which has over double the install base. With just over 40 million PS5s sold so far, that makes the initial sales success of the web-slinging sequel even more impressive.

Read More: Spider-Man 2 Dev Hints Insomniac Is Open To A Venom Spin-Off

Reviews have been glowing so far, including Kotaku’s. Despite some misgivings about bloat and a lack of experiementation, I mostly loved my time with Spider-Man 2. The game currently has a 91 on Metacritic, making it one of the most posivitively recieved of 2023. A post-launch update coming by December is expected to add more features like a new game plus mode.

The original Spider-Man released in 2018, selling 3.3 million units in three days. That narrowly edged out God of War’s record at the time of 3.1 million in the same period. God of War Ragnarok reclaimed the title of fastest selling PlayStation Studios game last year with 5.1 million sales in its first week. We’ll see if Spider-Man 2‘s 24-hour record leads to even greater sales over that same period.

Sony is currently aiming to sell 25 milion PS5s in the current fiscal year, which would itself be a record-breaking number of new console sales. It’s no doubt relying on Spider-Man 2 being a “next-gen” exclusive to help drive those sales throughout the holiday season, despite competition from a number of other stellar games this year. A new “slim” model dropping in November might also help, despite an increased price tag for the all-digital version.

Insomniac Games hasn’t yet revealed if Spider-Man 2 will be getting future DLC or a bigger expansion in the vein of Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores adventure. The studio did say it’s checking fan feedback to the game as it plays around with the possibility of a Venom spin-off.

Update 10/10/2023 4:27 p.m. ET: Sony announced in its latest quarterly results this week that Spider-Man 2 went on to sell over 5 million copies in its first-full week. That puts it just behind God of War Ragnarok, but it’s a more impressive stat overall since the new game is only on PS5, where as Ragnarok on PS4 as well.


Spider-Man 2 Players Discover Its Most Absurd Glitch

Now that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is finally out in the wild, players are finding all of its cool moments and comic book Easter eggs. But a bunch have encountered something much more unexpected: a glitch that turns Spider-Man into a little white lump of tofu.

It’s not technically tofu per se, but that’s certainly what some players think it looks like. The strange bug sees a small cube you might associate with early development prototyping completely replace the titular superhero’s body. Spider-Block as some are calling it (me, I’m calling him that) can still do all the amazing things the neighborhood web-crawler normally does, like web-slinging through New York and comboing bad guys skyward. The weird glitch transforms the experience from cool comic book stuff to extra-surreal fever dream.

Social media is already full of players encountering the cube glitch:

Despite the bug’s prevalence, no one really seems to be sure exactly what causes it. The tofu slabs just appear any time either Peter Parker or Miles Morales’ suit model fails to load. Then it’s cube time. You can fix it by going back to the suit menu and swapping to a different costume. It’s smart to do that quickly, too, since there are reports of some cubed players falling through the map after their unexpected transfigurations. Perhaps therein lies a portal to the blockverse, but your best bet is just to reload from the last checkpoint if that happens.

Fortunately, my 40-hour experience with Spider-Man 2 was mostly bug free, though some players have reported game crashes or occasionally getting stuck on parts of the environment. A few players have even reported being unable to play the disc version of the game at all, with installations getting stuck at 36 percent. Insomniac Games hasn’t yet provided an official workaround, though the issue doesn’t seem to be too widespread. Hopefully it gets solved soon so those players can also experience the glory of Spider-Block.

Update 10/27/2023 11:48 a.m. ET: A new patch for Spider-Man 2 has fixed the block glitch and players are sad. Insomniac released the update yesterday to fix several other issues as well including an error with the game’s missing Puerto Rican flags. But now Spidey-Block is no more too. Rip to a real one.

What To Expect Based On Spider-Man 2’s PS5 Ending

If there was still any question about whether Insomniac Games was done with making Spider-Man games, the end of PlayStation 5-exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 makes it clear the studio still has a lot of stories to tell in that universe. Between post-credits cutscenes and new interview teases, it’s clear Insomniac has big plans for Spider-Man 3, and we already have plenty of clues about what it will focus on.

In a recent interview with the Friends Per Second podcast, Spider-Man 2 creative director Bryan Intihar likened the latest game to 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s box-office-topping third phase. “I think, if Spider-Man and Miles were our Iron Man, and Spider-Man 2 was like Civil War, where logically do we go from there?” Intihar said. “I think it’d be pretty epic.”

Insomniac is currently working on a Wolverine game, and while Spider-Man’s in-game universe features an Avengers Tower and other nods to additional Marvel superheroes, there’s still no confirmation on whether the two will be set in the same world. We also don’t know if the studio has plans for another Spider-Man spin-off. In a recent interview with Insider, narrative director Jon Paquette didn’t rule out doing another game with Venom if fans show they want that.

But we do have some idea of what Spider-Man 3 is likely to tackle based purely on the major red flags at the end of Spider-Man 2. They are giant spoilers obviously, so if you haven’t already beaten the game and don’t want to know what happens, turn back now. Otherwise, let’s briefly dig in.

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A spoiler warning is displayed.

So Spider-Man 2 ends with Peter Parker and Miles Morales defeating Venom and sending the symbiote’s host, Harry Osborne, into a coma. His dad, Norman Osborne, loses it at this point. Unable to fathom that the alien lifeform he forced onto his son in order to cure his Oshtoran Syndrome needed to be defeated at all costs before it took over the world, Osborne senior blames the Spider-Men for his son’s new condition.

At this point you may have been wondering if Osborne was finally going to go full Green Goblin and try to exact his (misguided) revenge on the web-crawlers. No need to speculate, however! Sitting in Harry’s room before the credits start to roll, Osborne makes a call to his lab and tells his staff to, “ready the G-Serum.” I imagine this is his way of saying, “inject the goblin juice directly into my veins.”

Gif: Insomniac Games / Sony / Kotaku

That’s the first big clue of where Spider-Man 3 will go: a showdown between Peter, Miles, and the Green Goblin. The second comes right after the first batch of credits. Osborne is seen walking down the hallway of a high-security prison to the cell of none other than Otto Octavius, Peter’s mentor in the first game driven to become the super villain Dr. Octopus by Osborne’s greed, stubbornness, and ambition. Osborne wants to know Spider-Man’s real identity and Octavius knows it. The former asks the latter what he’s writing in his notebook. “The final chapter,” the doctor responds.

Spider-Man and Wraith talk as the sun rises.

Screenshot: Insomniac Games / Sony / Kotaku

Given Octavius’ role in forming the Sinister Six in the first Spider-Man game, it seems like a good bet that all of the old supervillains will be coming back out to play in Spider-Man 3. Perhaps some new superheroes as well. Spider-Man 2’s final stinger shows Miles and his mother greeting her new boyfriend at their apartment for dinner. The new beau’s brought along his daughter though, Cindy, who just so happens to be Silk, another New Yorker with spider powers. We don’t know exactly how Insomniac will re-interpret her backstory, but it seems likely she’ll be fighting alongside Peter and Miles in Spider-Man 3, or possibly even before that in some upcoming DLC, expansion, or spin-off.

Spider-Man 2 also teases Carnage at the end of the Flame side-missions, with Cletus Kasady escaping with a sample of the symbiote, while frenemy Yuri Watanabe, now the vigilante Wraith, will probably reappear at some point as well. Plus Black Cat is still out there in Paris. With these new hero and villain rosters beginning to take shape throughout Spider-Man 2, Intihar’s Avengers analogy begins to make a little more sense. Spider-Man 3 might not end in a big Infinity War, but the decks are certainly stacked on either side for a much bigger confrontation than we’ve seen in any of the games thus far. Hopefully we won’t have to wait until the PlayStation 6 arrives to see it.